Gerti Square Container

  • Product: 7141
  • Dimensions: H: 8.5in W: 7in D: 7in
  • Availability: In Stock

MSRP: $210

Full description

A lesson in complementing contrast, the Gerti Square Container marries gold plated porcelain and a gunmetal lacquer to create a striking and functional piece of mixed materials. Also available as a round container (7142) with inverted finishes. Finish may vary.


Color 1:Gray
Installation Environment 1:Contract Suitable
Appearance Finish:Gold
Finish 1:Gunmetal
Primary Material:Porcelain
Material 1:Porcelain
Finish will vary:Yes


*Approved for Australia:Yes
Approved for Canada:Yes
*Approved for European Union:Yes
*Approved for Kazakhstan:Yes
Approved for Mexico:Yes
*Approved for New Zealand:Yes
*Approved for Russian Federati:Yes


Overall Foot Print Dimensions:6x6
Overall Dimension D:7in
Overall Dimension H:8.5in
Overall Dimension W:7in


Intro Date:04/01/17
Show on Price List:Yes
Show on Web:Yes


Gross Weight (e-ship):5.5
Inner Box H:10
Inner Box L:8
Inner Box W:8
Master Pkg CuFt:2.82
Net Weight:5