Jesup Stool

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  • Dimensions: H: 18in Dia: 11.5in
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MSRP: $630

Full description

This solid wood carved stool with limed wash finish also makes a great drink table. Try three in front of a chaise. Expect to see cracks...that is all part of the natural beauty.


Top Coat/Sealant:No
Installation Environment:Residential
Installation Environment 1:Contract Recommendation - add coating
Appearance Finish:Limed Wash
Primary Material:Wood


*Approved for Australia:Yes
Approved for Canada:Yes
*Approved for European Union:Yes
*Approved for Kazakhstan:Yes
Approved for Mexico:Yes
*Approved for New Zealand:Yes
*Approved for Russian Federati:Yes


Overall Diameter:11.5in
Overall Foot Print Dimensions:11" Dia
Overall Dimension H:18in
Table Top Dimensions:11" Dia


Intro Date:04/01/14
Show on Price List:No
Show on Web:Yes


Gross Weight (e-ship):35
Inner Box H:20
Inner Box L:13
Inner Box W:13
Master Pkg CuFt:1.95