Sherman Mirror

  • Product: 2556
  • Dimensions: D: 4in Dia: 38in
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MSRP: $3,300

Full description

Make a big statement with the Sherman Mirror. With its large convex shape, the mirror will reflect the entire room in front of it. Hangs with a security cleat to allow for vertical display. Variations in the mirror may occur due to the large size.


Installation Environment:Residential
Installation Environment 1:Contract Suitable
Appearance Finish:Plain
Primary Material:Mirror
Mirror Type:Convex
Finish will vary:Yes


*Approved for Australia:Yes
Approved for Canada:Yes
*Approved for European Union:Yes
*Approved for Kazakhstan:Yes
Approved for Mexico:Yes
*Approved for New Zealand:Yes
*Approved for Russian Federati:Yes


Overall Diameter:38in
Actual Mirror Size:38" Dia
Overall Dimension D:4in


Intro Date:10/01/15
Show on Price List:Yes
Show on Web:Yes
Attribute Additional Info 1:Due to the nature of convex mirrors, some variations may be apparent.
Hanger Type:Security Cleat
Hanger Position:Vertical Only


Master Pkg CuFt:10.89
Net Weight:42
Truck Ship:Yes