Product Questions

Customization is available through our private label programs and contract/hospitality department. Contact for more details on private brand and for contract/hospitality.

All items have an availability status. You can view this on each product detail page or Quick Look, as well as filter your product search on a specific availability. If the item is not in stock, an inventory status and expected ship date will appear on the product detail page.

Many of our products include online Assembly/Installation instructions. Go to the product detail page and look for a downloadable file in the specifications section. Not finding what you need? Please contact Client Support.

Contact Client Support immediately. Please provide us with the SKU/Item number of the piece that needs replacement hardware.

Account Questions

To add your email address to an existing Company account. You must contact Client Support.

Each account is approved by our Client Support department after registration. This process may take up to 72 hours. During this time you may browse our site, add items to your cart or portfolio. You will receive an email once your account has been approved for Trade Pricing. If it has been 72 hours and you have not received approval, please contact Client Support or call 972.488.9800

The Find Us part of our website uses an automated monthly process to evaluate each retail storefront account in our system, and will publish retailers who exceed a minimum level of annualized sales with Arteriors. High volume retailers that stock a significant amount of Arteriors products will be denoted as a Premium retailer on our Find Us web page.

Create a new account at our Create an Account page. Please note, that if you already have an account, you only need to sign in with your existing username (your email) and password.

Go to our sign in page and reset your password in a few simple steps. Start by clicking the link titled “I forgot my password” next to your login ID.

General Questions
Arteriors is a very social company, and we are actively engaged in a variety of venues. From Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, there are a number of ways for you to share ideas, comments and images with the Arteriors community at large. Clicking on an icon will take you our page where you can choose to participate or just hang out and see what all the buzz is about. We hope you’ll join in the fun!

You can search for your local Home or Contract representative on our Representatives page. Home representatives service Retail and Residential clients and Contract representatives service Hospitality and Commercial clients.

Title 20 is a law intended to drive down electrical energy consumption in the state of California. It establishes minimum performance standards for appliances, including lighting.

Portable Luminaires with E12, E17, or E26 screw-based socket are required to be prepackaged and sold together with one screw-based compact fluorescent lamp or screw-based LED lamp for each screw-based socket on the portable luminaire.

In order to comply with California Tile 20 requirements, Arteriors is including required energy efficient light bulbs in the table lamp and floor lamp boxes for orders shipped into the state of California. These customers will see a surcharge line on their invoice to handle this additional requirement. If you have additional questions on this requirement or this surcharge, please contact Client Support.

Our catalogs are available to the trade only. In an effort to reduce negative impact on the environment wherever possible, we encourage you to view our current catalogs here.

Please Contact Marketing to remove your name from the mailing list. Be aware that this process may take up to 30 days.

Arteriors product is available to the design trade only for residential and commercial environments. Find your local residential or contract representative here. Consumers may locate a retailer in their area on our Find Us page. In addition, as a registered consumer you may design and purchase any of the Mottega by Arteriors lamps

You may view our privacy policy here.

Ordering Questions

You can safely enter your credit card details via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information. We store your credit card details so that when you make a new purchase your details are already available. Your credit card number is not visible to Arteriors staff, and credit card numbers are encrypted to the highest security standards set by the credit card industry.

What is my Secure Care number? Visa / MasterCard 

Flip your card over and look at the signature box. You should see either the entire 16-digit credit card number or just the last four digits followed by a special 3-digit code. This 3-digit code is your Card Security Code. 

American Express Credit Card Users

Look for the 4-digit code printed on the front of your card just above and to the right of your main credit card number. This 4-digit code is your Card Identification Number (CID).


Items are charged to you when they ship, which is usually within two business days for in-stock items. If an item is temporarily unavailable, you will not be charged for the back-ordered item until it ships
Use our Product Search field (at the top of every page) to provide the item number directly from our catalog. Once the item number has been entered, hit the "Search” button to submit the information. If you don't have the number handy, enter the name of the item or another keyword for a quick search, then click on the appropriate search result.
We only collect sales tax if required by state law. At present, we are required to collect sales tax for products shipped to the following 23 states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MD, ME, MI, NC, NV, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TX, UT, WA and WY. Please note that due to rapidly changing laws, this list changes frequently and without notice.
A confirmation page thanking you for your order will appear after selecting “Purchase” from your shopping cart. You will receive an email order confirmation shortly after completing your order that includes a summary of your transaction. Please be certain that we have an accurate email address. We will send subsequent email(s) when your product ships, including tracking information (if available).

Your first online purchase (new accounts only) must be made with a credit card. For subsequent orders, you can set up your account for payment terms by downloading our Credit Terms application. For International purchases, please contact International Client Support.

Online payment forms include: Mastercard, Visa, and American Express cards. If you have approved terms with Arteriors, you may purchase using a purchase order. You may apply for terms by downloading and returning a completed application.

You may still place items that are currently unavailable in your cart and purchase as you would any other item. You will be notified via email when the item is in stock and ready to ship. You will not be billed for the out of stock item until it ships. Backordered items remain in your cart unless you remove them before you place the order.To remove an item from its backordered status once you've placed the order, contact Client Support.

You may view order status and history simply by logging in to your account. If you have additional questions, please contact Client Support.

To change or cancel an existing order, please contact Client Support.

Arteriors will accept returns on defective or damaged merchandise however, a 25% restocking fee will be applied for returned merchandise deemed not defective. Initial shipping charges are not refundable. Your product refund will be processed at the time of receipt of the return. We require that product be returned to us within 30 days of a return shipment call tag being issued. In the event that there are errors in the prices, descriptions or images of certain merchandise, we reserve the right to restrict the return of those items. Contact Client Support for more information or access the return form in your account within the order summary.

How long does my refund take?
Arteriors makes every effort to credit your account within 7 business days from receipt of your return. To receive a check for the amount of refund owed, you must contact our Accounting Department. Items returned without a Return Authorization are subject to 25% restocking fee. Please be sure to include your RA# with any return!

We are happy to assist you with item returns or exchanges. Contact Client Support for more information or access the return form in your account within the order summary. You may also download our return form to complete and return offline.

Domestic Shipping Questions

In the continental United States, we ship via the best ground rate. This option is charged at a percentage of total order size, with the percentage varying on the ship to location as well as the size of the order. These percentages start at 13% of order value (for orders over $2,000), and increase depending on shipping distance from Dallas. Please see our Terms and Conditions document that details these freight fees.

Expedited North American Shipping:  
All orders which require shipping or local pick are subject to an “expedited order processing fee”. Small parcel expedites will be tendered to the carrier or available for pick-up the same day with an expedited order processing fee of $100. LTL and Upholstery Expedites will be tendered to the carrier or available for pick-up the next day with an expedited order processing fee of $125.

What defines an LTL Shipment? Any item that requires truck ship OR 5+ small parcels in one shipment.

All transit times remain in the hands of the carrier. Upgraded shipping options will continue to be available. Please ensure the expedited order request is placed on the order at time of order creation.

Expedited freight options, including Next Day Air and Second Day Air are available. To receive a quote for your order, please contact Client Support. 

Upon request, Client Support can arrange for special freight services such as Call Ahead, Lift Gate Required, or White Glove services. 

Mexico and Canada
If we ship to a US based freight forwarder, the same domestic percentage rates apply.  If you would prefer a “door-to-door” freight service, that service can be quoted by contacting  Client Support.

Shipping to another address that is different from your billing address is easy. Simply enter the desired destination on the shipping information page at checkout. If you're a registered user, the address will be automatically added to your account. *Note – if you are sending to a residential address other than your billing account address you will be charged a drop ship fee of $25.

We make every effort to ship your order in one shipment. However, shipments requiring multiple packages or back-ordered items may be shipped separately.
We do offer local pickup. You may select this option at Check Out, and Client Support will contact you when the order is ready. If your order requires expedited shipping, please ensure that the request is made when placing the order and that your order will be suspect to an order processing fee.
International Shipping Questions

The processing of Duties and VAT vary slightly by geography: 
For EU member countries: 
Duties will be charged based on the type of merchandise on the order at time of order.  Customers will be required to provide their VAT ID at time of order.  Products will be shipped to our European warehouse in the Netherlands, where our European team will shift the VAT expenses to your VAT account upon pickup in the Netherlands or delivery to your place of business.    
For non-EU European countries, Russia: 
Products will be shipped to our European warehouse in the Netherlands, where our European team will create a T1 document to provide to Arteriors (or the customer’s) freight forwarder to enable delivery to countries like the Russia, the Ukraine, Norway, etc.  The freight forwarder then perform the final delivery will collect the appropriate duties and VAT.

For Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan:
Arteriors has a scheduled monthly fractional container service that offers reduced rate shipping to our warehouse in the Netherlands.  Freight fees start at 13% of order value, and increase from there based on the distance from the Netherlands (with freight fee percentages increasing for small orders).  Please contact your local Arteriors sales representatives or our Arteriors International Customer Team for more details or for expedited shipping options 

For Australia: 
Arteriors delivers large shipments to our Australian distributor frequently to reduce shipping costs to “down under“.  Please contact Boyd Blue directly for inland freight shipping fees to Australian or New Zealand delivery locations.

Arteriors provides CE Marking on the majority of its product line which declares our product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.  We have also completed testing of RoHS materials for our product line. Certain items in our product catalog may be unavailable for international shipping due to specific wiring certifications by country. In addition, some items may be unavailable for shipping due to the individual policies of specific destination countries. 

For shipments outside the United States, please phone our Client Support Center at +1-214-483-7482 
or contact us via email at

Please note that Alaska, Hawaii and Canadian customers are not considered international.

Yes. The U.S. antitrust laws give a manufacturer latitude to adopt a policy regarding the ways in which resellers advertise prices for its products and to refuse to deal with retailers who violate that policy. Similarly, the U.S. antitrust laws allow retailers to decide independently to honor such a policy. Arteriors has chosen to implement this IMAP Policy unilaterally; Arteriors will not request or accept your agreement to this IMAP Policy or to the resale prices of Arteriors’ products.

Arteriors’ products consist of high-quality, distinctive lighting and similar decorative items.  Because of this, Arteriors chooses to partner with retailers who have invested meaningfully in promoting Arteriors’ products and in educating customers about the unique features of Arteriors’ products.  While many retailers make investments in Arteriors’ brand, Arteriors implemented this Policy to prevent other dealers from “free riding” on these investments and offering Arteriors products at prices that are inconsistent with Arteriors’ unparalleled reputation for superior quality.

Further, Arteriors has become concerned that some retailers may advertise Arteriors’ products on the internet at artificially low prices in an effort to build overall customer traffic.  Such advertised prices not only undercut dealer profit margins on Arteriors’ products, they also create negative quality images for consumers, who naturally assume that another brand advertised at a higher price must be of higher quality.  Arteriors is concerned that artificially low prices on Arteriors’ products will make it difficult for Retailers to fulfill their service obligations on Arteriors’ products.  Arteriors’ objective is for its products to compete with other brands in the marketplace on the basis of quality, features, and price, and for its brand to be on a level playing field with other brands.

Yes. This Policy applies to “internet advertised prices,” as that term is defined in the Policy. It does not apply to “sales prices” or “price quotes” as those terms are defined in the Policy. You may sell an Arteriors product at any price You wish without violating the IMAP Policy. You should be aware, however, that Arteriors has also unilaterally adopted an Electronic Minimum Resale Price Policy, which addresses minimum resale prices for electronic sales of certain “Covered Products.”
Yes. This Policy does not apply to “non-internet advertisements,” as that term is defined in the Policy.
It depends on the nature of the advertisement. If an internet advertisement specifies an advertised price for Arteriors’ products and includes a reference to a discount, rebate, coupon, free tax, free gifts, etc., the advertisement may violate the Policy. Specifically, if the discount, rebate, or other promotion announced in the internet advertisement would result in a netted-down price on Arteriors’ products that is less than the IMAP Price for that product, then the advertisement violates the Policy.
All webpages and websites that are accessible to the public, including webpages with a shopping cart prior to sale, are “internet advertisements” under the Policy and are governed by the provisions applicable to advertised price. By way of further example, a violation occurs if the netted down price displayed on a “shopping cart” webpage is below the IMAP Price.
The Policy does not apply to Arteriors’ products that are not listed in its Price List or supplements thereto.
No. Arteriors is not requiring Retailers to agree to any aspect of its IMAP Policy. Rather, Arteriors is implementing its IMAP Policy as its own policy and is advising Retailers that there will be certain consequences if they violate the Policy. Retailers remain free to follow the IMAP Policy or not.
Arteriors will consider the circumstances of each possible violation on its own facts and will unilaterally determine if a violation of the IMAP Policy has in fact occurred.
By e-mail by Arteriors’ IMAP Administrator.
Any question about Arteriors’ IMAP Policy can be submitted to Arteriors in writing. But Arteriors alone is responsible for determining if a violation has occurred and, if a violation has occurred, enforcing its IMAP Policy. The details of Arteriors’ enforcement decisions will be strictly between the Retailer that has violated the Policy and Arteriors. Furthermore, Arteriors’ salespeople will not be allowed to discuss these details with Retailers, and Arteriors will not reply to Retailers that complain about the practices of competing retailers or discuss complaints with Retailers.

Yes.  Arteriors reserves the right to change the IMAP Price on a product, remove a product from the IMAP Price List altogether, and add a product to the IMAP Price List at any time and for any reason.  When and if it does, best efforts will be made to provide those revisions to you.  However, Arteriors takes no responsibility for ensuring that You receive updates or revisions to the IMAP policy and IMAP prices.  The latest versions will be available to You on Arteriors’ website at

Yes. On occasion, Arteriors may elect to suspend its IMAP Policy requirements on specified products for a specific period of time. In those cases, Arteriors will inform its Retailers of its decision in writing and, unless the Retailer is otherwise notified by Arteriors’ Minimum Advertised Price Policy Administrator in writing, those products will again be subject to the IMAP Policy once the specified time period has expired.
Technical Questions
Our website is optimized for the latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox on Windows and Mac OS X. Our site is responsive and easily viewable on smart phones, iPads and other tablets. It is recommended that you update your computer or tablet with the latest browser version to avoid any viewing issues. We have noted that some users on Chrome and older versions of Safari have difficulty viewing Mottega items.