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A Heritage of Distinction

What began 35 years ago as a boutique accessories company has matured into a global force within the design industry. With an ever-expanding selection of premium lighting, furniture, wall décor and accessories, Arteriors redefines the spaces where we live, play and work. You will find creativity, elements of surprise, and meticulous craftsmanship throughout our collection.

We introduce hundreds of new products each year, with an understanding that thoughtful design extends beyond ideation. When conceiving each new piece, we consider the production methods and materials, then marry them with a trusted partner in our vast network of artisanal factories. With this focus on intentional design, using quality materials and handcraft, we are building future heirlooms – products that enjoy a lengthy, useful life cycle.

Our People

Passion, curiosity, and collaboration define our team of talented design enthusiasts. We often describe the Arteriors team members as a collective of creators and problem-solvers. They are entrepreneurial individuals with a restless spirit and a thirst for elevation, driven by an employee-centric culture that relies upon high expectations and a commitment to continual personal growth.

With a belief that diversity and inclusiveness breeds innovation and forward-thinking design, we have assembled a curious team that questions the status quo. We work closely with artisans, suppliers, and logistics professionals from all parts of the world – uniting in delivering an extraordinary customer experience to the vibrant design community we serve. Our imagination never rests, and thanks to our loyal clientele, we are inspired to continue this remarkable journey.

Seamless Efficiency

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Newly built in 2020, our 332,000 square foot (30,844 square meter) facility serves as both a distribution center, and our corporate headquarters. Assembly for many of our lighting designs is performed alongside our shipping and receiving operations while our product design studio flows seamlessly into our state-of-the-art photography studio and our sales, service and office administration teams collaborate from shared workspaces. This upgraded campus is vital in our pursuit of delivering an effortless and efficient shopping experience for our global clientele.

Our significant investment in inventory and strategic supply chain management ensures we can continue to maintain 75–90% in-stock ratios across all our product categories. Depth and breadth of product availability is complimented by our 72 to 96-hour order fulfillment. We remain steadfast in our commitment to ship your order as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Personalizing your shopping experience

We strive to be an exceptional resource for the design community by providing best-in-class service with a cutting-edge digital journey. Our objective is to deliver a personalized experience wherever, whenever and however you choose to shop with us.

Strategically located throughout the globe, our seasoned Brand Ambassadors understand both the big picture and small details of complex design projects. Arteriors operates four flagship showrooms in Dallas, London, Los Angeles, and New York, and three permanent, to-the-trade market locations in High Point, Las Vegas, and the Dallas Market Center. With retail distribution in 65 countries from North America to Australia, Europe, the Middle East and beyond, there are more ways than ever to experience the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Our team understands the time-sensitive nature of design projects and are uniquely positioned to answer questions and deliver product promptly, even with the tightest of timelines.

Supplementary to our Brand Ambassadors, we pioneer the creative use of technology across a number of customer touchpoints. The Arteriors web site was expertly designed with the customer’s ease of purchase in mind—for our residential and commercial clients alike. Our site showcases more than 1,700 active products - each accompanied by a thorough product description, detailed images, a downloadable tear sheet, product specs, and select CAD illustrations for some products. An inspiration gallery, a search function, and “smart” product recommendations personalize and support the customer experience. Our 24/7 digital service also includes a My Account feature for checking the status of an order, viewing payment options, and more.

Artistry through design

We are dedicated to bringing art to every story, and a story to every interior. Each season, our design and product development teams assemble an edited product collection of well-informed ideas, forms, textures, materials, and finishes. Our product designers search the world to bring the most authentic elements of their inspiration to our products. With an ongoing quest for the latest materials and sustainable practices, we continue to build partnerships with the finest artisans around the globe—now spanning 70 factories in more than a dozen countries. These storied techniques inform every detail and infuse a touch of the human hand in every design, each with a distinct Arteriors point of view.

Our approach to design is framed by the notion of luxury that is accessible. Whether you are furnishing a residence, hotel, restaurant or corporate retreat, our collection lends an artful edge. We are honored to have been decorated with a wide range of product design awards and accolades across residential, hospitality and contract categories alike.

Responsible and Sustainable practices

Throughout our history, Arteriors has remained committed to sustaining, preserving, and protecting at-risk artisan production and techniques to ensure they thrive for future generations. More recently our commitment to sustainability has evolved to include material composition and responsible forestry management. The natural and organic materials used in many of our designs are compostable, biodegradable, and include corn husks, banana leaves, rattan, teak, abaca, mango wood, coco beads and coco shells, among others. Our upholstered seating collection is comprised of FSC-Certified wood which aligns with the tenets of the Forest Stewardship Council. Paper sourced to print our catalogs and collateral is also derived from FSC-certified woods.

The ultimate testament to sustainability is a long product life cycle and we have made a significant investment in sophisticated tools which track product performance using advanced algorithms. Our mission is to create beautiful objects and furnishings that will be passed down and cherished.

Arteriors is proud to be a member of the sustainable furnishings council - the coalition of manufacturers, retailers, and designers dedicated to sustainable practices across the home furnishings industry. We have created and developed training content certified by the idcec (international design continuing education council) which contains health, safety, and wellness designations due to their focus on sustainability. In addition to Arteriors’ continued commitment with the sustainable furnishings council, we are also an approved vendor with mindclick, a sustainability industry leader in the hospitality and healthcare sectors. Mindclick advances the healthy design movement through their sustainability assessment program that rates social and environmental impacts across the entire supply chain, allowing designers to specify healthier environments for their projects.

Responsible and sustainable practices as we approach our 4th decade as a global brand, Arteriors continues to strengthen our commitment to a sustainable and enduring future. We are actively engaged in ecologically sensitive sourcing and eco-conscious ways of working across our entire supply chain. Creating and delivering product to minimize negative impact to the environment is key to our brand DNA and essential to our legacy. Our entry into the sustainable furnishings council and Mindclick affirms this commitment to the industry, our team, and our clients.

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