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Responsible and Sustainable Practices

An Enduring Future

As we approach our 4th decade in business, our dedication to implementing sustainable practices continues to strengthen and grow. Our entry into the Sustainable Furnishings Council and Mindclick affirms this commitment to the industry, our team, and our clients. We will remain actively engaged in ecologically sensitive sourcing and eco-conscious ways of working across our entire supply chain. Creating and delivering product in ways which minimize negative impact to the environment is an integral component of our brand DNA.

Natural Progression

Arteriors has increasingly sourced diverse natural and organic materials, expanding assortment offerings to include a broad range of textures, finishes, and surfaces. In addition to their inherent beauty, natural materials are compostable and biodegradable. When properly cared for, these high-quality materials yield long product life cycles. Natural materials like corns husks, banana leaves, rattan, teak, abaca, mango wood, and coco beads and shells, add a dynamic layer to the collection across multiple applications.

Core Cultivation

In addition to incorporating organic materials in its collection, Arteriors collaborates with artisan partners who source and harvest natural materials in ways which prioritize the environment, including responsible forestry management and the dedication to reforestation.

Arteriors’ collection integrates materials such as teak which is sustainably sourced through a regulated chain of custody across material acquisition, harvesting, trading, and fair labor. Arteriors’ upholstered seating collection is comprised of FSC-Certified wood which aligns with the sustainable tenets of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Rattan, a natural material used in the construction of many pieces in the collection, is a renewable, regenerating vine, eliminating deforestation, and conserving water required in reforestation.

Future Heirlooms

We have made a significant investment in sophisticated analytics which track product performance. These advanced algorithms yield invaluable data and inform the creation of pieces that will live in the market for an extended period. We maintain a maturity in our assortment, with a deep breadth of bestsellers that remain in our line perennially. Our mission is to create beautiful objects and furnishings that will be passed down and cherished.

Preserving the Art and Craft

While developing an operational network of 70 factories in more than a dozen countries, Arteriors has formed partnerships with the world’s finest artisans. We are committed to preserving the legacy techniques of our partners for years to come, preserving the hand craftsmanship that makes our collection so distinct. Each finished product is a unique, one-of-a-kind item.

Waste not, Want not

From our smartly configured warehouse to our timed, motion-sensor lighting systems, our facility runs with conservation, energy efficiency and waste-reduction in mind. Arteriors recycles corrugated waste utilizing two self-contained material compactors, preventing 10 tons of carton corrugation from transitioning to landfill each month. Our advanced box machine customizes master shipping cartons based on item scale which minimizes waste, reduces packaging footprint, and lessens transit damage by mitigating product movement during shipping.

Performing regular audits on handling equipment and packaging materials allows us to replace outdated structures with energy-efficient applications. Implementing the use of biodegradable paper in outer packaging - replacing traditional plastic packaging material in outbound shipments - is a result of our evolving practices.

All sockets in our expansive lighting category are designed to be compatible with LED bulbs which reduce and minimize power consumption, optimize energy usage and light output, and extend bulb lifespan to reduce waste.

Continuous Education

Arteriors has created and developed multiple CEU courses (Continuing Education Units) accredited by the IDCEC (International Design Continuing Education Council) which contain Health, Safety, and Wellness designations due to their focus on sustainability. Arteriors is certified to teach these courses industry-wide and remains dedicated to promoting awareness of sustainable practices through the creation of this content.